People banning adult toys; I mean really?

I have recently moved to a country where buying of adult toys from retail stores or pharmacies or any kind of shops is a taboo. I have no idea what to expect because I believe that sex is a natural thing and irrespective of where you reside in the whole world, a man and a woman have a right to satiate their sexual drives with either consenting adults or with mechanistic devices that can save them a lot of other problems like transferring fatal diseases and even degenerating their morale.

Alas! Whom am I trying to explain?

Only recently, my quest to know where I can get a sex doll at a pharmacy was met with contemptuous looks and a giggle from a female shop attendant who tried to signal me to speak softly. Later she told me that since the local laws of the country do not permit them to sell sex toys and other adult products, they could not help me.